Hound News

May 2007

Hello, Houndsmen!

Raffle winners were Pete Enrooth - Tri-Tronics 25% Gift Certificate, Steve Johnson - Quick Track/Prowler Gift Certificate, Jason Levine, Roland Deane, and Dacia Johnson - Bama Hunting Supply gifts, Bobbie Waletzko, Caitlyn Houska, Sanford Shrout, and Tim Ravndal - Black Gold Dog Food, Caitlyn Houska - Mountain Valley Motel gift certificate, and Pete Enrooth - the Purina Pro Plan dog food from Bridger Vet Hospital in Helena. Many people won items contributed by Skeeter Baertsch and Sue Retch who continue to support MSHA.

The Field Trial was a great success! There were 123 dogs entered into the various events. The weather was clear, if a little chilly.

President Rob Walker would like to take this opportunity to say a special thank you to the Brewer family for all their work putting together the Spring Tune-Up. He wants everyone to also say thank you to the Lechleitners for their continued support of MSHA and the wonderful breakfast and lunches they produce for the membership at prices that barely cover their cost.

A note to everyone - Diane Lechleitner will NOT be at the State Championship in June with the food tent, but we will have coffee and donuts.

There were 34 dogs entered into the $1,000 Race on Sunday morning. The entry fees generated $850 and Montana Black Gold Dog Food distributor R. E. Deane donated the additional $150 for the prize money. One interesting note is that both dogs that won the $1000 race eat Black Gold Dog Food and the High Point Dog is also on Black Gold Dog Food.

The reason for this newsletter is that the tentative quotas for Mountain Lion have been decided by the FWP Commission at their April meeting and your comments need to be to the Commission by May 25, 2007.

Also, officer elections and the annual MSHA membership meeting will be held on Saturday, June 2, 2007, at the State Championship Field Trial south of Boulder. Please come to this meeting and discuss nominations, elect your new officers, and discuss the future of mountain lion hunting in Montana with the membership.