Hound News

June 2006


All the houndsmen of Montana need to thank Tony Knuchel, Sanford Shrout, Rob Walker, and the other officers and board members that have taken time this winter to attend the Fish, Wildlife & Parks meetings in Helena and the Regions to work on the proposed Mountain Lion Regulations that will be in effect for the next two years. They've spent a lot of hours for all of us.

The February meeting of the FWP Commission saw some real changes in Mountain Lion regulations and licenses. Here is the current standing of the decisions made.

Region One will be special permit only for all lion hunters in all hunting districts EXCEPT HD 132 and 170, 140, 141, and 150 and 151. Those four lion hunting districts will remain on a quota system. Nonresident hunters will be restricted to no more than 10% of the permit quota. There also will be a 40% female subquota assigned to districts with a permit-only format for Region One.

Region Two will have limited permits for all Nonresident mountain lion hunters (limited to 10% of the quota). Hunting in the east portion of HD 292 will remain on permits. Resident lion hunters will still have the quota system in all hunting districts.

Region Three through Seven will remain with the current quota system open to hunting by all licensed mountain lion hunters, both resident and nonresident.

Hunters applying for a permit-only district in Region One or Two, and who are unsuccessful in the drawing for those permits, will not be eligible to harvest a lion in any district, regardless of season type. Hunters will be required to have a conservation license as a prerequisite when applying for a limited permit. Hunters will then be able to purchase a license if successful in drawing a permit.

VALIDATION: At the time of license purchase, all hunters not applying for permits will be required to validate. Residents have two options: 1. Validate for the state-wide Fall Season without dogs or 2. Validate for the Winter Season with dogs which will be good in all Quota-based hunting districts statewide.

Nonresidents have two options: 1. Validate for the state-wide Fall Season without dogs or 2. Validate for the Winter Season with dogs which will be good in all Quota-based hunting districts in Region 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7.

REGULATION PUBLICATION and LICENSE APPLICATIONS: Mountain Lion Regulations will not be published until after the June 8, 2006, FWP Commission meeting. Mountain Lion Licenses will not be available for purchase until after that same meeting. The deadline for applying for the special permit only districts has not been set. Jeff Herbert of FWP told us this week that the deadline for permit applications more than likely will be sometime in July. The same deadline of August 31 for purchase of a Mountain Lion license will more than likely be the rule. The Regulations, deadlines, and applications will be available online the week after the Commission meeting in June and available at license agents about the same time.

DON'T FORGET TO MARK YOUR CALENDARS for the first weekend of May and June for the Field Trials. The Water Swim day will be August 19 at the Deane's in Three Forks again this year. These events can certainly be fun for the whole family and get the dogs thinking about coon as well as lion and bobcats!

The Board has purchased from Shedhorn Sports in Ennis some very nice prizes for the MHDF raffle this year. Shedhorn Sports gave MSHA a good deal on these prizes, but we still need to sell lots of tickets. We are giving you the opportunity to purchase up to six tickets in this mailing. Return the stubs along with your check or money order to Mable to purchase your first tickets. If you can sell tickets, give her a call and she'll send you tickets to sell.

All memberships expire on June 1 each year. Renew your membership to retain your voting rights on issues brought up at the MSHA business meetings. See you soon at the Field Trials!