Hound News

June 2003
It is time for all Americans to take pride in our country and celebrate July 4th our Independence Day. Fly your flag proudly!

      One item that I believe all area houndsmen will be interested in and concerned about. On June 14 in the early morning hours, Ginger Powers, daughter of Jim and Marilyn Powers, long-time MSHA members, former officers and houndsmen of Ennis, Montana, was shot along with six other young adults. One young man was killed and the other six are recovering from multiple gun shot injuries and are in several hospitals. Ginger is in St. Vincent's Hospital in Billings and her husband Mike is in a Seattle hospital.

      I know that Ginger and her family deserve any help that we can give. Ginger worked diligently and happily in the MSHA office trailer at many field trials in the mid 1990's. She had a smile for everyone, knew the houndsmen and enjoyed being a part of the work end of field trials. She along with her Mother and Father worked many years as officers and volunteers and have always been supporters of MSHA, houndsmen and hounds.

      This shooting was a horrible, senseless act and friends are suffering because of it. The Powers family could use a little support during this terrible time they are trying to get through with Ginger and Mike so far separated and their son in the care of aunts and other family. Everyone is praying for their full recovery, but it will be expensive and a long road before they are close to normal living.

      None of us knows when something like this will hit, so we should stand up and give a little support to those who have been a part of MSHA for years and years.

      Many members have talked to officers discussing this and would like to have contributions sent to MSHA as soon as possible and get some money to the Powers family to help defray some of their expenses. If each member were to send in a $10.00 (tax deductible) contribution, the amount we could forward to the Powers would be a great help. PLEASE search your heart and dig into your pocket! We would like to send a check to the Powers family by July 15.

      Both the Spring Tune-up and State Championship Field Trials were fairly well attended and successful. The event results are published on a separate page in this flyer. There have been many good dogs entered into our events this year and there are several that could win the High Point Dog of the Year. A new dog coming to the Fall Classic at Delmoe Lake could possibly take the honors if it were to win enough events. So don't stay away from the Fall Classic! Come and enjoy the events and fellowship with other houndsmen. The last mile around the end of the lake is a little rough, but the location is quite nice and a great spot for drags. There will NOT be UKC Water Races. If there is enough water in the reservoir, we will have open water races. Tell the kids to bring their fishing poles and enjoy themselves while the field trial is running! We will also have a kid's bench show and junior handler competition.

      Lion quotas were lowered in several hunting districts around the state by the FWP Commission at the June meeting in Helena. Thanks to everyone that attended regional meetings and met with their FWP Biologists.

      HB 55 has not been enacted statewide for the upcoming season. It will only affect Region 1 as it has for the past two years.

      MT Training Season Licenses should be available shortly after July 1st. The fee is $5.00 and if you want to be in the field with your hounds after harvesting a lion, you will need to have one of these licenses.

      Don't forget to buy your tickets for the 2003 MHDF Raffles. The drawings will be held at the Fall Classic on Saturday evening at the meeting. You do not have to be present to win either the Buffalo Hunt or the Oil Painting.

      We will again have a smaller raffle of donated items from Wick Outdoor Works, Tri-Tronics, Quick Track/Prowler Lites, Gallatin Meat Processing, Bama Hunting Supply, and many more.

      Officers for the upcoming year were elected at the State Championship Field Trial Annual meeting on June 7, 2003. They are as follows: President - Sanford Shrout, Three Forks, MT Vice President - Tony Knuchel, Potomac, MT Secretary/Treasurer - Mable Deane, Three Forks, MT Asst. Secretary - Roberta O'Neill, Arlee, MT Masters of Hound - Roland Deane, Three Forks and Pete Enrooth, Butte, MT Correspondent - Mable Deane Chairman of the Board of Directors - Roland Deane, Three Forks, MT Board Members - Greg Houska, Missoula, MT; Grover Hedrick, Boulder, MT; Brad Shultz, Emigrant, MT; Chuck Theil, Savage, MT

      Make sure your membership is paid - check your label.

      Come to the Fall Classic and enjoy the weekend!

      One note for those who want to E-mail me - I was the victim of a virus in an e-mail about a year ago and do not open e-mail from an address that I do not know unless I recognize information in the subject line. Please put something in the subject line (MSHA, hounds, houndsmen, etc.) that I would recognize when you write to me or your mail will get deleted without opening it. My e-mail address is: MDeane8956@aol.com and I welcome letters from people with dog information and pictures.