Hound News

July 1999
New Officers Elected June 6, 1999, to Serve Until June, 2000

President: Rob Walker
406) 285-3594
P O Box 204
Three Forks, MT 59752

Vice President: Grover Hedrick
Boulder, MT

Secretary: Shawn Enrooth
(406) 782-6804
1091 Beef Trail Rd.
Butte, MT 59701

Assistant Secretary: Debbie Reichenbach

Masters of Hounds: Cody Lechleitner & Bill Schutter

Correspondent: Sandy Seaton-Sallee
(406) 222-7455
P O Box 117
Emigrant, MT 59027

Board of Directors:

Chair: Bud Martin
(406) 273-4678
P O Box 96
Florence, MT 59833

Co-Chair: Jim Lechleitner
(406) 542-0163
2317 Wyoming
Missoula, MT 59801

Board Members:
Rob Walker, A.J. Stone, Earl Giard, Walt Earl, Sr., Mort Hill, Brent Young, Gary Lankford, Scott Sallee, Eileen Thomas, Bill Schutter.

     This board will oversee our legislative and Fish, Wildlife & Parks work as well as promoting the MT Heritage Defense Fund.


     Roland Deane thanks all those who helped during his tenure as President. He also would like to thank Shawn for accepting another year as Secretary. Shawn has done well considering all her other activities and requirements on her time. Field trials could not be done without the help of the volunteers. Roland wishes Rob and all the new officers good luck during their term.


     It is time again to work on increasing our membership. I would implore each and every member of MSHA to look around. We ALL know at least one guy who either owns a hound and/or hunts lions with someone who does and is NOT a member of MSHA. Each member needs to make sure their membership is paid current (check your mailing label) and add at least one new member to our roster. There is a membership application printed on this newsletter - use it!


     FWP Commission at their June 4, 1999 meeting made some tentative 1999-2000 changes in the furbearer regulations. They imposed increased radius from 30' to 60' for exposed carcass or bait that may be seen by soaring raptors. There are some changes in the definitions of water sets, ground sets and other sets. As a condition of hunting and trapping in Montana, persons may be required to return to the kill site or trap site if requested to do so by a FWP employee. Bobcat reporting time will be 24 hours (tagging would remain 72 hrs). Quota in Trapping Dist. 2 will increase from 140 to 160. Comments will be accepted until July 23, 1999. Address for comments:
MT Fish, Wildlife & Parks Commission
P O Box 200701
Helena, MT 59620-0701

     Deer, Elk, Antelope Quotas & Furbearer regulations will be finalized August 6, 1999 at FWP Commission meeting.


     A hunter must personally report a lion harvest within 12 hours by calling the FWP Regional Office during office hours. After hours reports will be taken at (406)449-1065.


      20% of Winter season quota can be taken.

1999-2000 LION QUOTAS

      Finalized on June 4, 1999 by FWP Commission.

     To conserve space here, we will only list the changes from the 1998-1999 quotas.

Special Permits:
HD 100-00 - 4 any legal lion
HD 101-00 - 5 any legal lion
HD 100 reduced to 20 from 26
HD 103 reduced to 12 from 16
HD 104 reduced to 10 from 13

Region 2:
HD 200, 201 reduced to 20 from 25 - 10 female / 10 male
HD 202, 203 reduced to 25 from 30 - 15 female / 10 male
HD 204, etc. reduced to 10 from 30 - 5 female / 5 male
HD 212, 215 INCREASE to 10 from 8 - 6 female / 4 male
HD 240 reduced to 30 from 40 - 20 female / 10 male
HD 250 reduced to 15 from 30 - 10 female / 5 male
HD 270 reduced to 20 from 25 - 10 female / 10 male
HD 280, etc. reduced to 20 from 24 - 8 female / 12 male
HD 290, etc. reduced to 14 from 25 - 7 female / 7 male

Region 3: NO CHANGES

Region 4:
HD 413 reduced from 10 to 7 - 4 female / 3 male
HD 416, 446 reduced from 18 to 16 - 9 female / 7 male
HD 418, etc. reduced from 16 to 14 - 8 female / 6 male
HD 416 & 418 groups had been proposed for much larger reductions, but the Commission received signed petitions from landowners and Burl Radamaker from White Sulphur Springs spoke at length against ANY reductions - they wanted increases in the quotas. Biologist Tom Litchfield spoke for the reductions.

Region 5:
HD 540 reduced from 8 to 6 (3 female sub-quota)

Region 6 & 7: NO CHANGES

     Board of Directors gets to work on Raising Funds. Make sure that you read the page in this newsletter about the raffles. The Board has purchased two guns for raffling yet this summer. They also have plans to have a really great raffle with sales beginning shortly after the new year. If you think you can sell tickets for the Ruger Rifle, contact President, Rob Walker for tickets. MSHA needs to sell as many tickets as possible.

     If you can generate additional items for the Fall Classic Raffle (to benefit the MT Heritage Defense Fund), PLEASE collect what you can and let Rob know! Make sure that you give him a list of who donated what so that Thank-you's can be sent to the contributors.

     All contributions help us to increase the Defense Fund and sales of Raffle tickets and give everyone a better chance of winning something.


     Shane Wehr has graciously donated another of his fine boxes for our Raffle next year. The Board of Directors will be adding it to their list of items and wants Shane to know just how much they appreciate his contribution!

     Shawn Conrad, SMC Construction, has generously donated 3 plaques for displaying Lion skull trophies to our raffles. Shawn has also said he will give $2.00 to MSHA for each plaque that he sells and will give MSHA members a discount. Thanks, Shawn!

     TRADER BROTHERS, INC., Lolo, MT has graciously sold the two rifles for the current raffles to MSHA at their COST. We would like to thank Dan Schneider for his support of MSHA and hunting in Montana.


     The WBHA donated a Rossi 357 Lever Action rifle to our State Championship 'MT Heritage Defense Fund' Raffle. We want to express our appreciation for their contribution!

     We also want to thank Dave Samuels from W.B.H.A. for coming all the way to Montana and speaking to us at the Annual meeting in Boulder. He has some very good suggestions and hopefully we can benefit from his endeavors. Thanks again Dave!