Hound News

April 2000
Hello Houndsmen:

     I don't know about you, but there have been nights the past couple of months where my hounds have enjoyed chasing the ever-elusive coon instead of resting for the big cats the following day. Hope everyone has had a good winter chasing lion, bobcat, and/or coon. The weather certainly has made it possible to hunt anything.

     MSHA again sponsored a booth at the Montana Chapter of the Safari Club International Annual fundraiser in Billings on March 10 to 12th. Rob shouldered most of the work, but got a little assistance from Michelle and dropped in on by Roland and Sandy on Saturday. The MT Chapter of Safari Club was very generous toward MSHA and MHDF again this year. Rob [with laryngitis] and Sandy accepted a very large size check from them during the Banquet on Saturday night. Our heartfelt thanks go out to all of them for their generous support.

     We also need to thank Dave Samuel for paying the rent for a table at the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Annual show and banquet. Bud Martin went to Wisconsin and sold a couple of memberships along with a couple hundred raffle tickets. Our thanks go to both Dave and Bud!

     Dennis Biggs stepped up to the plate and gave us the needed help in locating a spot for our State Championship Field Trial. He spent some time looking over several different places and found what looks like a very good location. For those who like to see the races, this location will afford the opportunity to watch parts of most of the drags and the swim pond is close to the camping area. Again our thanks go to Dennis Biggs and to the Bill Galt ranch. Since this location is very centrally located in the state, you have several ways to get there depending on where you are coming from. Check out the map on the back of the cover of this newsletter to plan your individual route.

     Gary Lankford donated the Rossi Rifle he won at last fall's raffle back to the club, and we will raffle it at the Spring Tune-up. Shane Wehr has generously donated another of his fine 'Mountain Top Dog Boxes' for our State Championship raffle. We will have tickets available at both field trials for this dog box. Sandy Sallee gave a hand and wrote letters to businesses and organizations for contributions to our field trial raffles and/or winners. To date, we have received products and/or gift certificates from Wick Outdoor Works, Bama Hunting Supply, Quick Track/Prowler Lights, Wildlife Materials, and Tracker. Please show these companies your support in return for their support of MSHA. If you know a company who would donate something to one of our raffles, please contact them and let Rob know what you have for the raffle.

     We have produced a brochure for the Montana Heritage Defense Fund. These brochures are available from Rob if you would like a few. We have been sending the brochures to purchasers of the Lion Hunt raffle tickets as well as to membership renewals.

     At the Spring Tune-up, we are going to try a couple of new things. The Fastest to the Tree will be a money event instead of the winner receiving a trophy. Also, we want to try an 'Open' Bench Show as a money event as well. The Bench Show will be a little different than a UKC Bench Show. You will pay your entry fee and a list of dogs will be generated. The first five or six dogs [depending on number of entries] will be called and put on benches - no distinction for sex or breed will be considered. These dogs will be judged on confirmation. The best of this group will be selected. Then the next five or six dogs will be judged for confirmation. The best of this group will be selected. This will continue until all the entries have been judged. Those who have been selected from each group will again be judged and the judge will continue to select until he has only two dogs remaining and one will be judged first and the other being judged second. The first place dog will receive 30% of the entry fees collected for this event and the second dog will receive 20% of the entry fees. The same distribution will apply to the two winners in the Fastest to the Tree. If everyone enjoys this kind of event and would like more, we may have more of the open events at the State Championship be money events. Let us know how you like this option at the Spring Tune-up.

     With the price of fuel increasing like it is, money events may be a way to go home with a little extra to pay for the trip. We are also raffling a couple of Fuel cards at these two field trials. Again, maybe it will help a little with the cost of traveling.

     I will need help at the field trials keeping things running smoothly. If you don't have dogs in an event, step up to the plate and offer your assistance! I would also like to request that everyone watch and listen and be prepared at the Field Trials for each event. Sometimes we have had to locate and wait for contestants in heats that were not aware that a particular event had started or what heat was being run. We will do our best to have a PA system working at the club trailer as well as the Event starter having the megaphone so that announcements can be made. The heat sign will be posted near the start point as well.


     The 2000 hunting regulation changes were finalized at the February FWP Commission meeting in Helena. Here are the changes from the 1999-2000 regulations:

1.) East half of HD 292 Closed to all lion hunting - that portion east of Garnet Range Road and Bear Creek.

2.) Special Permit Lion Hunt: Hunters may apply for a special permit to hunt mountain lions in HD 100, 101, 103, 104, 120, 121, 122, 123 and 130. These permits will be for 25% of the season quota. Hunting in the permit area will continue for permit holders throughout the legal lion season even though the quota may have been met and no other hunting is permitted in the hunting district. (The remainder of the quota will be handled on a normal closure basis.)

     Hunters apply by submitting name, address, phone number, 2000 conservation license number and lion license number, hunting district number and a $3.00 nonrefundable drawing fee no later than September 15, 2000. Special permit application can be made on a 3 x 5 card.
Send to: MT Fish, Wildlife & Parks, 490 Meridian, Kalispell, MT 59901

     Drawing results will be available the first week of October from the FWP Kalispell office.

     If you know anyone who would like to enjoy a guided mountain lion hunt, sell him or her some tickets for our raffle. Call Rob with the number of tickets you need and send him the money. We need to sell a bunch more tickets for this hunt!

Your President, Rob Walker


$10.00 Each -or- 3 for $25.00

Sponsored by the

     Raffle winnings include cost of guided hunt and a transportation allowance, valued up to $3,000.00. Winner will be responsible for Montana Mountain Lion license, own transportation to and from Missoula, MT and Mountain Lion trophy fee if successful.

Hunt booked for December 1st thru 7th, 2000

Hunt outfitted by REDBONE OUTFITTING of Florence, MT.

Raffle will be drawn on June 3, 2000 at the M.S.H.A. State Championship Field Trial in Montana. Need not be present to win. Winner will be notified by June 10, 2000. For information, call Rob Walker at (406) 285-3594.

Tickets purchased by check or money order from:

Rob Walker, PO Box 204, Three Forks, MT 59752
Mable Deane, P O Box 925, Three Forks, MT 59752

Your president, Rob Walker