About the Montana State Houndsmen Association

MSHA Information

    The Montana State Houndsmen Association was organized more than a decade ago as a not-for-profit group of volunteers who are promoting hound-hunting in the state of Montana. Its purpose, as stated in the MSHA Constitution, is fourfold: to promote fellowship and friendship, to promote sound game management, to promote a positive image of houndsmen, and to hold field trials and other events for hounds.

    Members are encouraged to attend meetings and particpate in election of officers each year and discussions on legistlative issues and the future of mountain lion hunting in Montana.

    Spring Tune-Up, State Championship, and Fall Classic field trials are held annually. During field trials, MSHA provides the main dish while members and other attendees bring their own potluck dishes and provide their own water.

    A variety of events are held at the field trials from fastest tree to junior handler contests to water races to blow-out lion track races and kid's bench shows. Raffle tickets are sold for various items and there is usually an auction. Fun for the entire family!

    Contributions are welcomed and some of our contributors in addition to our members include Quick Track/Prowler Lights, Ramsour Farm Supply, Safari Club, Tracker Radio Systems, Tri-Tronics, Walt Earl (Golden Bear Outfitters), Wick Outdoor Works, and Wildlife Materials. Thank you also to companies like Shedhorn Sports and Trader Brothers, Inc., for selling auction and raffle items to MSHA at cost. Thank you to all for your support.

See the information on the Montana Heritage Defense Fund that was set up for the specific purpose of keeping the tradition of hunting a legal sport in Montana. Donations are welcomed for this fund.